October 18 & 19 2024

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Artificial intelligence is a disruptor. Are you ready to lead your company into the new normal?

As a leader or CEO, how do you see AI impacting your business? Is it already disrupting processes, business models, markets? Is it overwhelming or exciting? Can you harness its potential, while mitigating any risks?

While the internet, another game-changer, took businesses almost two decades to fully integrate, AI is developing much faster. How you approach AI today is sure to influence your business both now and in the future. Explore this new world at Vistage’s EMEA Summit 2024 on ‘The Disruptive Impact of AI on Leadership and Business’, taking place on October 18 and 19 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Brought to you by the world’s most trusted CEO coaching & peer advisory organization, this Vistage Summit will offer you insights from global leaders, trendsetters, and change-makers in business, leadership, and technology, including:

On disruption:

A celebrated communication expert, challenges us to see how disruption invites opportunity.

On human insights:

a leadership & productivity specialist, explores how to leverage AI to transform how we work.

On change:

an ‘imaginator of futureproof strategies’, shares the power of change and how “it can be different”.

Watch this space as we unveil the full lineup of inspiring speakers joining us in the time ahead …

Are you preparing for ‘The Disruptive Impact of AI on Leadership’? Join us at the VISTAGE EMEA Summit 2024 on October 18 and 19 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Save the dates to your calendar.

Special offer: we would like to invite you to our free of charge pre-Summit dinner on October 17, where you’ll have the opportunity to connect with our keynote speakers and learn more about Vistage.

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